Key Information

The science behind Liquidimplant

Naturally found in the skin of humans and, in fact, all mammals, hyaluronic acid is a polysaccharide chain, which contributes to hydration and elasticity of the skin. Links between different Hyaluronic Acid polymer chains are promoted. On the other hand, less efficient links between portions of the same chain are minimized thanks to the advanced cross-linking process of Liquidimplant. The degree of cross-linking is then selected to provide a desirable level of durability in the skin. Optimizing all these properties provides a dermal filler with superior performance and patient satisfaction. 

This cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid is finely tuned with the size of the particles to produce a gel able to flow readily through a fine needle and to provide a soft, smooth feel to the augmented skin.  The osmolality and pH of the gel are balanced to be compatible with the fluid in the skin, neither drawing-in nor releasing water, minimizing the need for over-correction.  A slow expansion of the gel particles partly offsets the natural loss in dermal filler volume as time goes by, maintaining the level of correction.

Safety & Efficacy

Because Liquidimplant  is a non-animal based Hyaluronic Acid filler gel manufactured by bio fermentation, the risks of allergic reactions are minimal. Liquidimplant exceeds the highest standards of purity for Hyaluronic Acid´s and, as a consequence, it is extremely safe and non-pathogenic for human use. In order to prove the safety and efficacy of the product, these tests were strictly conducted:

  • Biocompatibility
  • Cytotoxicity
  • Sensitization
  • PH
  • Intra cutaneous reactivity
  • Osmolality
  • Sterility
  • Residual BDDE
  • Acute and Sub chronic toxicity

Biocompatible & Biodegradable

Liquidimplant high compatibility with human tissues allows its placement in the dermis with no disturbances of the delicate homeostatic processes of the skin. Because of the presence of naturally occurring hyaluronidases, even this long lasting advanced filler products will eventually break down and will be naturally cleared by the body. When properly injected there is no migration from the implant site.

Long lasting

The long lasting characteristics of any Hyaluronic Acid filler is directly proportional to the concentration and the degree of cross-linking achieved. Once injected, Hyaluronic Acid is gradually degraded by hyaluronidases and cleared by the body. The Liquidimplant cross-linking technology ensures long lasting results while not sacrificing viscosity even though the products remain easy to inject. Overall, this innovative engineering makes the Liquidimplant product line unique and exceptionally durable.

Easy to inject

Liquidimplant line of fillers is easy to inject. Our technology enables even the highly viscous Liquidimplant SubCutis to be easily injected with fine gauge needles without compromising the integrity of the gel. The ergonomic design of our syringes provides greater ease of use allowing the physician a much higher degree of comfort when injecting.